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A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set
A90 Athlete Set

A90 Athlete Set

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Combine typical resistance band and sling trainer benefits with those of an ergonomic handle!

In other words, train your whole body in a joint-friendly, intense way, while using a handle that perfectly adapts to your hands' form.

Package includes:

  • Angles90 (2 grips)
  • A90 Sling Trainer (2 straps + bag)
  • A90 Resistance band (2 different bands)
  • Exclusive A90 exercise PDF

A90 Sling Trainer features:

  • Length adjustable & door-hook function
  • Smallest sling trainer on the market
  • Certified for 550lbs
  • Attachable to trees and thick bars too

A90 Resistance Band features:

  • Two bands (40lb & 20lb resistance)
  • Length-adjustable trough the handles
  • Supported pull-ups possible
  • Perfectly transportable

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 318 reviews
    Frederick Augustine

    Like all the equipment I received the handles seem sturdy as well as the pull system

    Michele Lucidi
    Ottimo prodotto

    Prodotto all’altezza delle aspettative, solido e affidabile. Le variazioni di impugnatura delle manopole hanno effettivamente diversi effetti sull’allenamento. Gli elastici sono di ottima fattura e qualità. Consigliato per rapporto qualità/prezzo.

    Bastien Wttn
    I fell in love with my Angles90

    These are "just" handles... but the BEST handles I ever used. I could expand my range of exercises with limited equipment in a home gym setup : now I have access to a lot more grip variations, enabling me to target way more effectively each muscle, and most importantly... injury free. No more wrist and shoulder pain, more mind-muscle connection, more motivation for training as I am always excited to try new exercises variations at each workout. Combined with the bands, they are also amazing. Even for lower body, I use them to replicate a leg extension and leg curl with just a bench, these bands and handles (the handle enabling support up and down the foot, and a great sensation on long sets). I recommend these handles to anyone, and have some trainer friends try them too, who fell in love with them as much as I did.
    Thanks a lot !

    Victor Cheng
    Great Product

    Great simple product that is versatile and effective. Only thing I would say is the adhesive used to connect the strings are a bit hard and irritates my skin while doing certain exercises

    super high quality kit for athletes on the road

    I love my angles 90! I am a F runner and travel a lot for work, and so I can't regularly get to a gym. I need equipment that allows me to effectively bring my home gym with me when I travel. The angles 90 does it! I can do all the functional moves my trainer has shown me how to do in the gym w/ the angles 90 kit. I am really impressed by the design too, really high quality, very easy to use, very versatile.